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No, There Won’t Be Unity

On substance, Biden is not going to pursue a consensus, bipartisan agenda, but a progressive one.

By Rich Lowry

the big idea

Biden Wants to Unite the Country. How Can He Do It?

Two dozen thinkers offer bold ideas for a new administration in a fractious era.

By POLITICO Magazine

‘Like a Ghost’ in the White House: The Last Days of the Trump Presidency

In the aftermath of the Capitol riot, Trump’s White House became an insular refuge for a self-absorbed leader detached from the people who had rejected him.

By Anita Kumar, Gabby Orr and Meridith McGraw


‘He Was the Ringmaster in the Demise of His Own Circus’

On the eve of Donald Trump’s exit from power, four biographers who studied him up close reflect on what he wrought on the country. And what he’ll do next.

By Michael Kruse

the politico mag profile

The Education of Josh Hawley

The subversive senator’s college peers and professors don’t recognize the affable intellectual they once knew. But they do recognize his ambition.

By Ruairí Arrieta-Kenna and Emily Cadei


Biden’s Inaugural Speech Won’t Unite the Country. Here’s What Could.

Soaring pleas for unity don’t work. Maybe concrete achievements will.

By John F. Harris

OPINION | Politics

I Wrote President Obama’s Ethics Plan—Biden’s Is Better

It’s not easy to ‘drain the swamp,’ but Biden might just do it.

By Norman Eisen


How the First Day of the Trump Presidency Foreshadowed the Four Years to Come

Behind the scenes at the last inauguration—as remembered by the Obama and Trump aides who were there.

By Sam Stein and Daniel Lippman

Washington and the world

How Tony Blinken’s Stepfather Changed the World—and Him

Samuel Pisar was a Holocaust survivor who pushed rival nations to engage in commerce, and he left an imprint on the likely next secretary of State.

By Nahal Toosi

1600 Penn

The Hardest Inaugural Address in Generations

The past two weeks, Joe Biden can't fall back on the traditional feel-good inaugural moves. Here's what he needs to do instead.

By Jeff Greenfield


Cartooning the Trump Years: The View from Opposing Political Planets

Corrupt villain or mistreated hero? Liberal and conservative Americans saw two very different Trumps—and so did the nation’s cartoonists.

By Matt Wuerker

The Big Idea

30 Things Donald Trump Did as President You Might Have Missed

Trump’s presidency may be best remembered for its cataclysmic end. But his four years as president also changed real American policy in lasting ways, just more quietly. We asked POLITICO’s best-in-class policy reporters to recap some of the ways Trump changed the country while in office, for better or worse.



Joe Biden’s first 100 days

We’re tracking the incoming administration’s efforts to reshape policy and politics. Follow along as we chronicle Biden’s use of legislation and regulation to enact his agenda.

The acting Capitol Police chief’s tough task

The specter of race, gender — and the Capitol Hill riots — will make Yogananda Pittman’s work much, much harder.

U.S. coronavirus death toll passes 400,000 as Biden prepares to take office

The country recorded 100,000 deaths in roughly a month.

By Maura Turcotte

Trump pardons dozens, including Steve Bannon, as he exits White House

The move comes after the president was impeached by the House for the second time and as he faces a Senate trial in the coming weeks.

By Josh Gerstein and

What the world wants from John Kerry

Joe Biden's incoming climate envoy will have to restore confidence among foreign leaders that the U.S. is serious about leading a global effort to cap greenhouse gases.

By , , , Kalina Oroschakoff and

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